Economic Darwinism

“The Biggest Travesty of Capitalism”

Posted in Bailout, Geithner, Outrage by Economic Darwinism on April 5, 2009

[HT: The Big Picture]

One reason people have not yet become outraged by what Geithner is doing is that the entire situation is complex. Many people I know sense that they should be outraged, but do not know exactly what they should be outraged about because they do not understand it. Any little bit that can be done to help explain things is extremely welcome. The following video follows Einstein’s philosophy

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

It is a pretty good explanation of Geithner’s plan for toxic assets. The plan is a complete travesty and I hope the administration realizes that it is not the right thing to do before it is too late. Please have a look

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